Getting to Mikisato


Getting to the meeting place of Sea Kayaking

How to get to Mikisato

【by CAR】
■from NAGOYA
・HIGASHI-MEIHAN Expressway→ISE Expressway→KISEI Expressway→MIKISATO Interchange(Exit)

■from OSAKA
・pattern A
MEISHIN Expressway→SHIN-MEISHIN Expressway→ISE Expressway→KISEI Expressway→MIKISATO Interchange(Exit)
・pattern B
NISHI-MEIHAN Expressway→TENRI Interchange→(MEIHAN)→ISE Expressway→KISEI Expressway→MIKISATO Interchange(Exit)

How to get to the meeting place of Mikisato Beach

After you get off MIKISATO Exit, you come out on Route 311 and turn left.
Your right-hand side is the Mikisato Beach and heading towards Mikiura & Kuki for about 700M.
After cross a small bridge (Kutsu-Gawa River Bridge), you will find a parking lot of the beach on your right-hand side. Park your car there.
(During summer vacation, please pay 1000yen to the car park attendant.)
After changing your clothes, walk on pathway along the beach for about 500m. (Your right-hand side is the beach.) You will find a small public restroom. We will meet there.
(There is another public restrooms near the parking which is bigger than the meeting place one. That is not the meeting place.)
Please see the maps below.

MAP 1(Google Map)

MAP 2(Google Map)