Sea Kayak


Sea kayaking is…

Paddling on the ocean is like a hiking on the water. Our area, Owase is famous for its rain. The rain makes the forest and the forest makes the beautiful and rich ocean. The warm Kuroshio current runs off the coast of Kii Peninsula. Let’s go paddling to this special blue ocean together!


The Activity List of Sea Kayaking




  • はじめての人でも簡単にシーカヤックで行こう!!
    Sea Kayaking for Beginners

    This sea kayaking program is for beginners. It is short experience and everybody can learn how to control the boat and enjoy kayaking.






  • シーカヤック海ほたるナイトツアー
    Noctiluca Night Experience

    This experience is for experienced kayakers. We quietly go paddling on the dark ocean and watch the beautifully sparkling noctiluca from the boat. If there are no clouds, you can see a lot of beautiful stars as well. * If you do not have any experiences of kayaking, please contact us.