Who does E-gumi?

  • 平山泉(おわせ港まつりカッターレース大会にて)

    Izumi Hirayama

    Izumi was born in Chiba and grew up in Nagoya, JAPAN.
    Her major at university was English and her dream in her teens and twenties had been living in foreign countries.
    In her late twenties, she was invited to join in an adventure race by her friend and got to know about sea kayaking. And then she was fascinated by it deeply.
    One day she joined in a sea kayaking tour in Miura, Kanagawa and got to know a Canadian guide, Mr. Dan Lewis. Soon after that, she flew to Tofino, BC, Canada and joined in his 10-day sea kayaking guiding course even though she was totally a beginner. After the great adventure of Dan’s course, she decided to learn sea kayaking more in Japan.
    She moved to Tamaki, Mie and became a trainee of Mr.Tatsuji Yoshikado who is a sea kayaking guide and instructor of Paddlecoast. Thanks to his great guidance, she became a sea kayaking guide and instructor.
    Because of the marriage, she moved to Mikisato and started to Mikisato-E-gumi outfitters.
    She enjoys raising her kids and the life in Mikisato which is totally different from the one in Nagoya.
    In 2018, she took the yoga training course and got RYT200. She started to hold yoga classes in Owase, Mihama, and Mikisato.
    Thanks to the people around her and several opportunities, she is going to open the guest house in Nagara where is close to Mikisato Beach in 2022. There is more to come!