What to Wear & Bring


What to Wear & What to Bring

At least some parts of your body will get wet when you get on the kayak. We recommend the clothes and equipment below.
  • シーカヤックに乗る格好(一例)


    Swimming suit. Clothes to wear over swimming suit. Quick drying materials are best. Avoid cotton, no jeans. During colder days, a paddling jacket or wind or rain jacket is recommended.


    Shoes that are OK to get wet. No sandals, but crocks are OK. No bare feet.


    Hat that is OK to get wet. One with a strap under the chin is important so that it will not get blown off. There can be lots of sun which reflects off the water so one that covers the neck at the back is also good.


    Water bottle, or something to drink. You can drink on the boat.

    If you wear glasses or contact lenses…

    Strap for glasses (if you need). And also we have a few rental straps.
    If you wear contact lenses, soft ones are recommended.

    Against getting tanned

    Long-sleeved T-shirt. Sunglasses. Sunscreen.

What to Bring

When you come to the meeting place, bring below in the clothes above.
■ Something to drink at least one for each.
■ The minimum necessary such as car key and the participation fee.
We lend waterproof bags for free. We do NOT recommend to bring your phone on the water since the sea water is not good for these devises.
We take some photos of you and send you later. You do not need to bring your camera.